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Best Tacos In Montreal

Tasty envelopes of pure happiness.
Best Tacos In Montreal

Ah, tacos. Quite possibly the world's greatest dish, tacos are tasty, convenient, and awesome in basically every way.

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Thankfully, in Montreal, there are tons of places to cop some seriously delicious taco delights. But a select few in particular stand out.

Tacos Victor

via @pao_lazo

4376 Notre-Dame St W

The only thing better than a fresh, tasty taco? A fresh, tasty taco loaded up with french fries, just like how they do them at Montreal's Tacos Victor.



via @valium10_mg

67 Rue Beaubien E

One of the newer spots on this list, Caifan is already making a huge splash in Montreal. Their tacos are super fresh, super tasty, and made from super high quality ingredients.


T&T Tacos & Tortas

via @awwesomejezz

51 Rachel St W

I've always said the tortilla makes or breaks the taco, and the tortillas at this Plateau spot? Out of the world amazing - super soft, thick, and made fresh. Of course, it helps that the tacos are made with super fresh and tasty ingredients, too!


La Capital

via @boblechef

1096 St Laurent Blvd

This taco spot, situated in Montreal's Chinatown, is what real taco dreams are made of. Featuring only the freshest ingredients, La Capital tacos are basically an institution at this point; you need to go check it out!


Tacos Tin Tan

via @foodieeh

3828 St Denis S

One word: yum. The tacos at this Plateau restaurant are out of this world delicious, and if you haven't tried them yet - well, trust, you're going to need to change that.


Mr. Azteca

via @elisebgravel

7349 St Hubert St

Legit, if you're looking for some of the tastiest tacos that'll ever enter your mouth, then have I got some great news for you. The ones served up here are above and beyond awesome, and you're going to need to grab one ASAP.


La Matraca

via @_rybot_

4607 St Denis St

Pretty much an institution at this point, La Matraca is known for their super delicious tacos - and with fresh and tasty toppings piled high on delicious tortillas, it's no question as to why!


Super Taco

via @spark_sunghee

500A Rue Bélanger

Flavourful, fresh, and straight-up delicious, there's no taco crave on earth these Rosemont-based tacos won't cure.


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