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Best Tartare In Montreal

'Rawsome' dishes await.

If you know me at all, you know I'm totally obsessed with raw food. If it's safe to eat raw, I'll probably eat it raw, TBH.

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Which is why tartare is basically one of my favourite dishes, ever. We're super lucky to be in Montreal, where there are tons of great places to nosh on tartare. But a select few do stand out from the bunch.

1. Hachoir

A photo posted by @justine7337 on

4177 Rue Saint-Denis

This Plateau restaurant is known for many things: steaks, cocktails, and, of course, tartare. Although all their dishes are delicious, they've got a special skill for making some of the most delicious tartares you'll ever try.


2. Lustucru

A photo posted by Maude ? (@maufafa) on

5159 Av du Parc

Tartare, carpaccio, tataki, and gravlax lovers, rejoice. Bistro Lustucru specializes in some seriously ace raw dishes, but their tartare selections (like bison, honey beef, and coriander salmon tartare) and tastes are absolutely out of this world.


3. L'Express

A photo posted by Sergio DiZio (@elisasboy72) on

4177 Rue Saint-Denis

Located in Montreal's Plateau, this restaurant is known for serving up some seriously delicious French dishes. Their steak tartare is particular popular, and for good reason: one bite, and you'll be dreaming about it for days.


4. Marche 27

A photo posted by Priscilla Lanni ? (@planni) on

27 Rue Prince Arthur O

Synonymous with "awesome tartare spot" in Montreal, Marche 27 is pretty much a paradise for tartare lovers. Bonus points: they've got tons of protein selections (from scallop to veal and anything in between), so if you're down to try something a bit more unique, you know where to go.


5. Holder

A photo posted by Brittany Moss (@britt242012) on

407 Rue McGill

An awesome restaurant in Old Montreal serving up French cuisine, Holder is known for their seriously on point dishes. Their salmon and beef tartares are no different; trust, they'll make you weep real tears of foodie joy.


6. Grinder

A photo posted by Korina B ? (@korinaxxo) on

1708 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

This Griffintown spot just might be what every food lover's dreams are made of. The food is always fresh and tasty, and their tartares? Out of this world. Although they have a very solid selection, their miso duck tartare in particular is a huge hit.


7. La Bêtise

A photo posted by John Max (@neuroblank) on

6015 Rue St-Hubert

Specializing in seafood, it's really no wonder that Rosemont's La Betise makes a salmon tartare that might just ruin you for all other tartares. Fresh and incredibly flavourful, with a texture that can't be beat, the next time you crave an on point salmon tartare, you know where to go.


8. Alep

A photo posted by @benlelievre on

199 Rue Jean-Talon E

This Syrian/Armenian restaurant near Montreal's Little Italy is amazing. All of their dishes are bursting with flavour, but their Syrian beef tartare dish (kibbeh nayeh) is seriously special. It's fresh and tasty, and spiced perfectly so that every single flavour in the dish truly shines.


9. Tapeo

A photo posted by Chef Nick"Inferno"De Palma (@infernomtl) on

511 Rue Villeray

Located in Villeray, this Spanish tapas-focused restaurant is absolutely something you need to try if you haven't already - ASAP. Their dishes are always tasty and always cooked to absolute perfection; their famous beef and salmon tartares are no exception, managing to stand out among a menu of stellar dishes.


10. Le Petit Flore

A photo posted by meganemarin11 (@meganemarin11) on

1145 Rue Fleury E

This Ahuntsic cafe is one of my favourite spots in the city, and if you've ever been to Le Petit Flore, then you know exactly why. The food here is phenomenal, and although their tartare dishes change, no matter what you end up getting, you're guaranteed it's going to be fresh, made from super high quality ingredients, and straight-up awesome.


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