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Best Vegan Bakeries In Montreal

Guilt-free eating at its finest.

I'm unapologetically a fat vegan and always looking for new vegan places to pig out. And since pastries is by far one my fav kind of food, I happen to know a little bit about the places you have to try to satisfy your vegan sweet tooth.

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Not eating dairy and eggs does not mean you don't get to enjoy going to bakeries and eating sweets and that is why I listed for you the 8 places you must visit to get your sugar fix.

1.Sophie Sucrée

A photo posted by Sophie Sucrée (@sophiesucree) on

167 des Pins

If you're the kind of person who thinks there's never enough icing on a cake, this place is for you. Aside from the cupcakes and cakes, you should definitely try their scones, brioches and pecan tartelettes; they are literally out of this world.


2.Café Dei Campi

A photo posted by CHÂTELAINE (@chatelaineqc) on

1360 Rosemont

In previous articles I've talked about my never ending love for this Rosemont Italian Café. Offering everything you'll ever need in terms of vegan pastries, from caramel-pistachio tartelettes to cornettos, you must try this amazing place!


3.Café Esquina

A photo posted by Chic & végane? (@chic_et_vegane) on

4526 Papineau

Little hidden gem of the Plateau, this cute little place is perfect to plan a road trip or to finish your essay that was due 3 days ago. They offer vegan poptarts and the best chocolate chip muffins you've ever tasted.


4.Cloclo Choco

A photo posted by CloClo Choco (@chez_cloclochoco) on

Only caters for now

For any event you need sweets catered for, CloCloChoco's got your back. This awesome baker started her own business recently and bakes the best vegan whoopee pies and chocolate chip cookies you've ever had.


5.Pâtisserie Petit Lapin

A photo posted by Pâtisserie Petit Lapin (@petitlapin_mtl) on

342A Victoria

Who wouldn't want allergen-free sweets in the cutest kawaii themed place ? And we give them extra-points for their presentation of cupcakes which is phenomenal.



A photo posted by alexe (@soyaetchocolat) on

Multiple locations

Truth be told, no place makes good non-vegan pastries like a real bakery such as Arhoma. So when masters like them create a vegan version the classic croissant, you know it'll be good. It is just the bomb and even my difficult dairy-eating squad loved it.



A photo posted by Anouchka (@biobeaubon) on

4255 St-Laurent

If you happen to be gluten-free and vegan, you'll probably end up buying #everythingvegan that they have there.


8.Léché Desserts

A photo posted by Léché Desserts (@lechedesserts) on

642 Courcelles

If like me you've missed eating donuts as vegan, donu't worry, Léché Desserts offers homemade donuts that will satisfy any sugary-dough craving you have.


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