Best Vegan Restaurants In Montreal

Fresh and tasty delights.
Best Vegan Restaurants In Montreal

I won't lie to you guys: straight up, I am not a vegan. But that doesn't mean I don't seriously respect the whole cruelty free lifestyle; plus, I seriously love vegan food.

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Whether you enjoy eating vegan because you're trying to be as cruelty free as possible, or because you're down for that clean eating life, you can't deny that Montreal has tons of awesome spots to nosh on a delicious vegan meal. Here are just a select few that stand out from the bunch.


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2115 St Denis St

This St. Denis spot specializes in vegeterian and vegan food, with particular emphasis placed on their all you can eat vegan feasts (including vegan sushi!)


Sushi Momo

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4669 St Denis St

The OG delicious vegan sushi restaurant, this Plateau spot specializes in making delicious sushi rolls out of ingredients like jackfruit and tofu. Yum? You know it!


Mouton Vert

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6000 Sherbrooke St W

A vegan Greek restaurant in NDG, this spot places emphasis on organic and local foods, too. Try their pressed sandwiches; they're out of this world amazing!



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4409 St Laurent Blvd

This Plateau spot doubles as a cafe and yoga studio, and although they sell small dishes, all their food is to die for. Their acai bowls in particular are pure. Magic.



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4088 St Denis St

Vegan Thai food, anyone? (Correct answer: vegan Thai food for all!) This Plateau restaurant specializes in exclusively vegan Thai dishes, with ingredients meant to mimic the look, feel, and taste of things like shrimp, beef, and more.



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464 McGill St

TBH, I don't even know where to start with this spot. Their dishes include vegan mac and cheese and vegan poutine, and are seriously awesome; plus the decor and vibe at this Old Montreal spot is straight-up magical.


Aux Vivres

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4631 St Laurent Blvd

Probably the most popular spot for vegan eats in Montreal, you can always count on Aux Vivres to deliver a dependably delicious plant-based meal.


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