Beware Montreal: Men Tried To Kidnap A Woman In The City And They're Still At Large

They could still be preying on women in the city.
Beware Montreal: Men Tried To Kidnap A Woman In The City And They're Still At Large

Typically, when something dangerous or unusual happens within the city, police are able to shut it down pretty quickly. This helps limit any worry or fear Montrealers might have when venturing outside alone, especially during the darker hours of the day.

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That's why it comes as a bit of a shock that an announcement like this has to be made for the city, as it's a pretty scary one. Although Montreal police are usually on top of stopping the bad guys and diffusing high-risk situations, this time they came up a bit short.

Ladies, be careful heading out in the city alone, as right now there are two men driving around Montreal that were caught throwing a woman into their car. It's not certain whether this is an isolated incident or not, but better safe than sorry. If you thought it couldn't get any worse, police have no idea where they went.

Earlier this week witnesses saw a woman in her 20s walking alone in the city at dusk. A car suddenly approached her and a man got out of the vehicle while the other stayed in the drivers seat. Bystanders say the man was visibly aggressive towards the woman. He then got out of the vehicle and quickly shoved her into the back of the car, speeding off dangerously. 

The man is said to have short black hair and to also look as if he's in his 20s. He also had a strong accent when speaking in English.

It's not certain whether or not the men knew the woman, but regardless this sounds like a terrifying situation for any woman to go through.

If you happen to be walking alone at night, keep an eye out for an older four-door sedan with hubcaps and visible damage, this is the car that the two men were reported abducting the woman in. 

Although police in the city are on the lookout for the men, they're coming up pretty empty-handed. That leaves it to Montrealers to keep a watch for any strange activity and to call the police if you think you might have spotted the vehicle in question or believe another woman is at risk.


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