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Beyonce Just Released A New Live Album And Her Fans Feel Like It's A Rip Off

The album was dropped to coincide with her Netflix documentary Homecoming
Beyonce Just Released A New Live Album And Her Fans Feel Like It's A Rip Off

If you haven't heard, Beyonce dropped an album today to coincide with the release of her new Netflix Documentary "Homecoming." The film covers the road to "Beychella," Beyonce's infamous Coachella performance last year. 

While at first, the press was announcing that Bey had released a "new" album, it soon became clear that their phrasing was a bit misleading.

While the collection of songs is new, with a new cover and new recordings, none of the songs are actually new. The album is simply the live recording of her Coachella performance. 

And while I knowthat we're not allowed to hate on Beyonce... her fans are kinda pissed.

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TL;DR Beyonce released a Netflix documentary and a new album today, and while many fans are ecstatic, other are a little underwhelmed to find out that the album is not really "new" but just a release of a live recording of her Coachella performance.

The primary reaction, aside from the Bey Hive just losing their shit, is people questioning how this is really a "new" album.

Like I mentioned above, of course, it is a "new recording" but there are only two songs on Homecoming that hadn't already been released on other albums. 

So a lot of the responses have an air of disappointment to them, as people thought perhaps there really was a NEW NEW Beyonce album released today.

Of course, it is exciting that this live album is available on all streaming platforms, unlike her last album Lemonade which is only available through Tidal. 

Other people are just generally unimpressed with the documentary as a whole, which really comes down to a matter of taste.

Although of course even if fans are a little salty, they're still excited to have something new from the Queen B.

How are you feeling about the new Bey content?

I'm super excited to see the documentary, but don't have much desire to listen to the album since it's only live songs I've heard before. 

Maybe I'll feel differently after I've seen the doc and the whole performance?

Either way, Happy Bey Day, y'all!

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