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Bicycle Spotted In Montreal Hanging From Parking Sign To Deter Thieves

The owner may be a little paranoid.
Bicycle Spotted In Montreal Hanging From Parking Sign To Deter Thieves

I guess business is going pretty well for bicycle thieves in Montreal, which means cyclists need to find better ways to protect their property. Walk down any street downtown and you'll see hundreds of bikes locked onto parking signs, poles, Bixi stands, bike racks and front gates. But that doesn't always deter thieves, that's why some cyclists have resorted to other solutions. Some use bigger locks, some remove the front wheel of the bike or  even the seat, and some rely on even more imaginative methods.

This photo was taken on the corner of Avenue Des Pins and Sainte-Famille earlier this week. As you can see this cyclist is taking no chances with his bike. He didn't just chain it to the parking sign, he chained it to the TOP of the parking sign, now that takes some dedication.  Think about it, it's not just a matter of lifting it, he had to hold it three free off the ground with one hand while wrapping his bike lock around the top of the pole with his other. Either that or he had to convince one of his buddies to help him.

While this may not make the bike impossible to steal, you have to admit it's a pretty good deterrent. If you were a bike thief and you saw this suspended bike next to another regularly chained bike, chances are you'd go for the regular one instead of calling attention to yourself as you attempt to take take a bike down from a pole.

Well done sir, you get 1000 points for creativity. (Point system may be arbitrary) 

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