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Big Changes In Cannabis Laws Are Coming Into Effect Across Canada This Week

The federal government is concerned new products will appeal to Canadian youth.
Big Changes In Cannabis Laws Are Coming Into Effect Across Canada This Week

It's no secret that marijuana legalization in the country welcomed a selective list of products in October, with dried and oil-based products being the only options we've had legally at government-run stores. It's been up in the air when edibles would officially be released... until now. That's right, big changes in legal cannabis laws are about to come into effect across Canada this week. It's an announcement we've all be waiting for.

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TL;DR The federal government of Canada might be releasing new cannabis laws earlier than expected, with insiders speculating changes will arrive this week. This would effect the laws surrounding edibles and its introduction to the legal market. More details below.

Despite the federal government having until October 2019 to regulate cannabis edibles and other concentrates, insiders have reason to believe brand new regulations are about to go public this week. Finally, some good news!

Of course, there will be public consultations before anything is made official in the country, but the plan to introduce "Phase 2" of marijuana legalization will bring new and exciting products to the legal market.

It's not completely known what kinds of cannabis edibles would be available in the government-run stores, as it's expected that the country will be taking a much more "conservative" approach than places like Colorado and California. 

So in all honesty, you shouldn't expect products like weed lollipops, gummies, or other cute and trendy THC-infused products anytime soon. 

Instead, we can look forward to products such as lozenges, various chewables, and even drinks. In fact, Molson Coors Canada is already perfecting a cannabis-infused beer that they plan to roll out upon legalization of edibles.

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There definitely are a few setbacks that could delay Health Canada's decision to roll out these massive changes. The most prominent is how they'll be able to market these new "goodies" without appealing to youth. 

Cartoonish products and certain candies will still be illegal to sell in the country. According to the Canadian Cannabis Act, products whose "appearance, shape, or other sensory attribute or function" that appeal to anyone under the legal consumption age is strictly prohibited.

We definitely shouldn't be too picky though, as adding any type of marijuana edibles to the market is much needed right about now. Maybe then legal retailers would re-open for every day of the week, more inventory would be available, and Canadians would finally feel excited about cannabis products again.

As of now, there's no official date as to when a decision will be made, but expect it to arrive soon. 

Stay tuned for more information on changes in cannabis laws across Canada.

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