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Big Dreams Brings The Montreal Rap Scene To Life

Big Dreams releases second album, Real.
Big Dreams Brings The Montreal Rap Scene To Life

Group: Big Dreams (BDT)

Album: Real

Artists: Myles, Timeliss, Rowz, Task The Radd

Hometown: West Island, Montreal

Big Dreams (BDT), also know as Big Dream Team, is taking the Montreal rap scene by storm. This past November these homegrown boys from the West Island dropped their second album entitled Real. Their first album, Stars, got a lot of hype but their sophomore album builds on the foundation they laid last year and surpasses their freshman project.

Montreal isn't known worldwide as a hip-hop hub. Since the 80s and 90s, cities like NYC, LA, Houston and Chicago have been rap hot-spots. Even Toronto is coming up because of Drake. But that doesn't mean you should to turn your back on the Montreal rap scene, especially with Big Dreams around.

Most tracks have chill, mellow beats that float around intricate, intimate lyrics where the rappers reveal their dreams, aspirations, and even insecurities. These guys don't bullshit. In every track they open themselves up with refreshingly real admissions about their lives. As Don Smooth says during a radio interview on K103.7, "you aren't waking up in a new Bugatti!" For them, it's all about being real.

That doesn't mean they don't have swag. "Shut it down" exudes confidence while still discussing their personal drive and persistence to be number one:

"It's about doing us," they say, preaching being comfortable in what you're doing and where you're going. The group shows off their lyrical versatility in tracks like YKDM and High-Tech/Mos Def Pt. 2, where lyrics hit deep and fast. Verses alternate between lazily winding lines, and lyrics that hit like a verbal machine gun.

Here is a music video the group made for "Home" the closing track on their previous albums Stars. It will give you an idea of the intricate lyrics this group is capable of weaving through light, simple beats.

Download their new album, Real, from their website.

Keep tabs on BDT from their Twitter, because these guys are going to blow up.

They also have a pretty dope Instagram account where they post pictures and videos.

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