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Bill Clinton Is In Montreal Today, Here's Where You'll Be Able To Spot Him

Former U.S. President (and rock star) Bill Clinton will be stopping off in Montreal today. 

He'll be in town to have a conversation with the former Prime Minister Jean Chretien about the state of the Canada-U.S. relationship.

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Clinton was in Toronto on Tuesday night to accept an honorary doctorate from Nova Scotia's St. Francis Xavier University and today you'll be able to spot him at the Palais des Congres

And if he has any sense he'll at least try to stop off at Joe Beef's since I'm sure Obama And Trudeau have been bragging about it ever since they had their lunch date there

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Clinton has always had a close relationship with Canada. He is the only American president to have ever visited Canada five times while in office, and since 2001 he has visit our country at least 50 times. He and his family even vacationed in Quebec over the summer

If you miss Bill, you might still have a chance to meet Hillary who will be in town promoting her new book on Oct. 23. 


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