Biting Lady Bugs Are Invading Montreal

Beware now.
Biting Lady Bugs Are Invading Montreal

Photo cred - Praetendere

Ladybugs are the nicest sounding, and arguably cutest, of all insects, though this time of year, the little ladies get pretty nasty. The warm weather gracing the city has only made the annual influx of ladybug aggression worse, as hordes of seven-spotted ladybugs have begun to viciously invade homes in the Montreal area, reports CBC.

Not the city's typical lady-like bug, the nastier variety currently plaguing homes are actually Asian lady beetles, which have seven spots instead of nine. Originally brought into North America to combat aphids that eat crops, the Asian lady beetles have become a swarming nuisance, as is the case in Montreal right now.

Aside from cosmetic differences, this Asian variation of the ladybug will also bite you, emit a harsh odour when crushed, and have no issue with invading people's homes by the scores, as is the unfortunate circumstance for some folks in the Montreal area.

Ordinarily these bitchy bugs stay off of the island, though reports all around the city of Montreal have confirmed that the Asian lady beetles have officially invaded the city proper. Beware, as the Asian lady beetles are super clingy, in that once they get into your house, they'll try to hibernate for the entire winter. Nip the relationship in the bud and keep these home-wreckers out of your house, if you can.

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