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BIXI Announces All-New Half Season Passes

Why walk when you can bike.

Photo cred - BIXI

Riding around in the city has never been cheaper, as BIXIhas just released a brand new deal for everyone in Montreal: half-season passes, at half the price. Along with being green and fit, you can add saving money to the long list of benefits of BIXI'ing, because the new deal is even cheaper than a student OPUS card.

From August first to the end of the BIXI season (Nov. 15th) BIXI is offering everyone in Montreal a BIXI pass priced at $40. A regular season pass is a little over $80, and a single month is above $30, so at $40 for four whole months of riding is quite the steal.

Each time you take out a BIXI your newly half-priced pass gives you a 45 minute ride for free. Go online and you can track your travels, from favourite spots to how much distance you've trekked. Montreal isn't that large, and you can get nearly anywhere in half an hour of travel, so don't stress about going over the time limit.

A student OPUS card is just over $40 for one month, and you don't get the benefit of exercise, being environmentally friendly, and access to the bikes at any time of day/night. Most of us aren't even students and aren't privy to the deal, making the BIXI pass even more enticing. Either way, don't wait for a night bus, get a BIXI pass on the cheap and ride home whenever.

Get on getting your half-season BIXI pass here.

Will we see you riding around on a BIXI?