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BIXI Bikes Will Be Free This Weekend In Montreal

Take advantage while you can!
BIXI Bikes Will Be Free This Weekend In Montreal

With beautiful weather around the corner, what better way than to bike around the city of Montreal? Those who live here know that one of the best ways to get to your destination is by biking.

With designated bike lanes throughout the city, and easy routes, it's no wonder this is a favourite way to travel for those living and visiting here. BIXI bikes are located throughout the city with a minimal fee. 

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There are a couple of days throughout the summer that BIXI actually offers free bikes to Montrealers. These happen to be on Sundays and this is the 4th one they have offered. 

Lucky for you, BIXI bikes are actually FREE this upcoming Sunday, August 26th! That's right folks, time to plan out your route, whether that's to the market, shopping, or a restaurant, you can get to your destination absolutely free of charge.

How to get your free ride:

Go to one of the many BIXI pay stations throughout the city, their app is a great way to find the one closest to you. Make sure to select the "$0 one-way" at the pay station, complete the "purchase" (the screen will prompt you), and there you go- free ride! 

Make sure when planning your route, that it's 30 minutes or under. This should be plenty of time to get to your destination. 

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Manulife will be rolling out the next free BIXI Sunday on September 30. The next following date for a free ride is October 28.

Thanks BIXI!

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