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BIXI Bikes Will Be Free To Ride This Weekend In Montreal

The highlight of your Weekend!
BIXI Bikes Will Be Free To Ride This Weekend In Montreal

BIXI has been our city saviour for quite some time now. From the hundreds of locations around the city so you're never more than a couple minutes walk from a bike, the new improvements the city is making on the bikes so it's safer for Montrealers, and of course all of the days this Summer that BIXI will be absolutely free.

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One of those days just happens to be this Weekend. Time to put on your helmet and get peddling. This actually happens to be the 3rd free day of the season, and it's safe to say the city truly loves their free bike rides.

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The exact date is this Sunday, July 29. The reason the bikes are free is simply to celebrate some Weekend vacation time. BIXI, you're way too generous!

All you have to do to grab yourself a free bike is head over to one of the pay stations across the city and select the "$0 One-way" on the screen. Complete your BIXI purchase as you normally would and voilà! Your free ride awaits you!

The ride has to be 30 minutes or under to qualify as free, so don't plan on going on a biking expedition with your BIXI. You can certainly get across the city and explore Montreal in no time though!

Manulife will be rolling out the next free BIXI Sunday on August 26. The following dates for a free ride are September 30 and October 28.

Take advantage of this sweet deal and get outside this Weekend! Have fun, Montreal.


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