BIXI Is Giving Away Free Bike Rides And Coffee This Weekend In Montreal

It seriously couldn't get any better!
BIXI Is Giving Away Free Bike Rides And Coffee This Weekend In Montreal

Since the summer began, we've been able to rely on one day each month being the official "BIXI Sunday" in Montreal. 

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TL;DR This Sunday, September 30 all BIXI bikes will be free to ride for 30 minutes at a time. To sweeten the deal, BIXI is also offering free coffee to cyclists courtesy of Café Barista. You can find the mobile coffee shop at Brébeuf / Rachel station between 11AM and 4PM on Sunday.

It's a day where anyone can rent a BIXI for free, making it the perfect opportunity to get outside and visit a shop, park, or event you wouldn't be able to do without otherwise spending some money to get there.

Just in time for the incredible fall foliage, the next "BIXI Sunday" is coming this weekend! On September 30, to be exact. The cooler weather and beginning of the new festive month might even offer a better cycling experience than we had in the summer.

To our surprise, BIXI has decided to change things up a bit for this month's freebie day.

Not only will you be able to grab a BIXI for no cost at all, but you'll also be able to spoil yourself after a long bike ride with a free cup of coffee!

Montreal's popular Café Barista will be giving out the deliciously hot cups of coffee at the Brébeuf / Rachel BIXI station in La Fontaine Park between 11AM and 4PM. This could definitely turn into a day-long adventure, perfect city date, and so much more!

All you have to do to grab yourself a free BIXI this Sunday is head over to one of the many stations in the city and select "One Way $0" when you're at the kiosk. A $20 deposit will be held while you ride your bike, but there's no need for worry as you get it back shortly after.

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Once you get your BIXI bike, you have 30 minutes of free cycling around the city (maybe to go grab some free coffee?) before it's time to return it to one of the stations. BIXI does allow you to rent out another bike for free afterwards, so realistically you can be travelling all day long!

For more information on "BIXI Sunday" click HERE.

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