It's Official, BIXI Bikes Will Be FREE To Ride On Weekends In Montreal

Summer can't come soon enough!

You may not have been inclined to rent out a BIXI bike last summer, but you probably will this year, as the bike-sharing service is rolling out a new promotion that will certainly appeal to all the budget-conscious people of Montreal:

Renting out a bike will be free. But only on certain days.

Onwards from May 29th, BIXI has stated that on every last Sunday of the month renting a bike will be entirely free, as reported by Journal Métro.

You'll still have to abide by all the usual BIXI rules (length of rental, etc.) and the rental is only good for a one-way trip, but otherwise you'll have all the perks of a BIXI bike without any of the drawbacks, namely the fee.

Bixi hopes this will prompt more people to subscribe to the service this summer, using the classic "give them a small taste and they'll come back for more" strategy. Hopefully it works out.

And in case anyone wondering when all of those bike stations are finally going to be filled with Bixis, the season starts this Friday. Get excited.

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