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Black And Ombre Christmas Trees Are This Year's Weirdest Holiday Trends (Photos)

But honestly, they're pretty cool.
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Black And Ombre Christmas Trees Are This Year's Weirdest Holiday Trends (Photos)

The holiday season is ripe ground for new style and design trends to emerge.

At the peak of shopping season, retailers vie for the attention of consumers with one-of-a-kind products and ideas that quickly spread through the population.

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TL;DR See photos below of black and ombre christmas trees, this year's trendiest decorations.

And while the classic Christmas-time aesthetic (greens, reds, whites, etc.) will likely never fall out of favour, revellers can sometimes grow bored of the ubiquitous, recycled decorations.

That may be why, this year, black christmas trees are taking over the market.

Thousands of people have taken to Instagram to post pictures of their very own sapin noir under the hashtag #blackchristmastree:

As you can see, flexibility of style is one of the main attractions of a black tree. Owners can put it up for Halloween and keep it up through December.

According to ABC, the black allows those who celebrate Christmas to vary their tree decorations every year with different themes and arrangements.

Black also complements a wider array of colours and finishes than the standard green. 

Ombre trees are a less popular but still trending alternative.

@lucymarlowembedded via  

Of course, black is not the only colour to have taken over Christmas trees this year. Earlier this week, Melania Trump posted pictures of the White House red trees to Twitter.

The @WhiteHouse is sparkling for the Christmas season!

November 26, 2018

Many Americans, however, noted that the "blood-soaked" decorations were appropriate for what they perceive as "nightmarish," dystopian times.

Some will surely think that the black trees are equally creepy. 

It's unclear right now whether these black and ombre trees are a passing trend or a more permanent option.

In the meantime, you can view and even purchase the black and ombre trees on popular online retail sites, including Treetopia.

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