Black Lives Matter Protesters Taking Over The Stage At Montreal Jazz Fest (Video)

This past Tuesday, lots of Montrealers were up in arms at the shooting of 58-year old Pierre Coriolan. He lived on his own in a subsidized housing unit in the Gay Village when SPVM answered a call indicating that he was trashing his apartment and breaking windows. It was later made public that he was facing eviction on the 1st of July, had a history of mental illness and appeared to be in crisis when he was killed after repeated attempts to subdue him failed.

#BlackLivesMatter #Montreal pour une stratégie nationale en santé mentale pour les Noirs en collaboration avc la communauté noire." #polmtl

July 2, 2017

A vigil was held at his apartment and the Toronto branch of Black Lives Matter demanded that police no longer become responsible to dealing with such crises. After the vigil, the protesters then moved towards the Jazz Festival and occupied an empty stage to set up their demonstration.

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Black folks invented jazz. So we took over Mtl jazz fest to honour #PierreCoriolan #BlackLivesMatter

July 2, 2017