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Black Market Marijuana Is Now 57% Cheaper Than Legal Cannabis In Canada

Customers have also complained that the selection and quality of legal product is poor.
Black Market Marijuana Is Now 57% Cheaper Than Legal Cannabis In Canada

It's no secret that the price of legal cannabis across the country is much more than perhaps many had hoped. Since legalization late last year, the cost of product at legal retailers has skyrocketed, to say the least.

This begs the question: how many people are still going this route and dishing out the extra money? And who has actually gone back to their illegal cannabis dealers?

Well, according toa Statistics Canada study, with marijuana selling for half the price on the black market, Canadians have begun to abandon legal retailers for their cheaper, more reliable street dealers.

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TL;DR Statistics Canada has revealed the price of cannabis has skyrocketed by as much as 28% since becoming legal. Reports also confirm that, as a result, Canadians are returning to their black market dealers for product, with better quality and selection also being a contributing factor.

Further, one gram at a regulated cannabis store in Canada averages $9.99, says CTV News.

Black market marijuana comes in at less than $6.40 for one gram, making it 57% cheaper. Consumers have little incentive, then, to purchase product through legal means.

Of course, legal retailers guarantee their product is safe to use, but with prices reaching up to $14.15 per gram in areas such as the Northwest Territories, people are taking their chances with the black market.

[rebelmouse-image 26893491 photo_credit="StatsCannabis" expand=1 original_size="1616x932"] StatsCannabis

In terms of which province is paying the least, that title goes to Quebec. At only $6.75 per gram at licensed retailers, the cost of cannabis in Quebec is dwarfed by that in Manitoba, for example, where a 28% price hike has brought the price to $9.14 per gram.

All other provinces are charging somewhere between those amounts. StatsCannabis confirms that the smallest price increase after legalization was in British Columbia.

Although the government has restricted access to non-regulated dispensaries and increased the price of legal cannabis in return, Canadians are still finding ways to revert back to their previous purchasing methods.

Until licensed marijuana shops commit to selling better quality product at a more reasonable price, it looks like most of the country is going to find a better deal on the illegal market. 

To anonymously share how much you've paid for legal cannabis in Canada, visit the StatsCannabis website and fill out the submission form.

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