A black night in Montreal as you walk through the streets on a Saturday night. Girls all dressed up for festivities, a bomb shell in tiger tights winks as she walks by, you can smell the sex in the air. The club on your left is like a machine pumping bass out of its open doors into the night. You gaze in and see the dj's on stage, three glowing masks that stare into your soul as they pull the puppet strings to the masses on the dance floor.

Well that's what it would be like if you stumbled into a club while Black Tiger Sex Machine was destroying a set. The up and coming trio is known for killing shows. Seeing that they are from Montreal, it's only right that you educate yourself on their stellar music. One of their latest, "Midnight Violence," is a banger and at MTLBLog we wouldn't give you anything less than an amazing track. listen, enjoy, and stay tuned as we continue to bring you the best of shows, festivals, pictures, music, and everything else about our wonderful city.

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