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Blackstrap BBQ's 'Ray Kroc' Is A Le Burger Week Win

Blackstrap BBQ's faux-burger brisket is the Big Mac of your dreams
Blackstrap BBQ's 'Ray Kroc' Is A Le Burger Week Win

After seeing Blackstrap BBQ on the list of participating restaurants for Burger Week, it really aroused our curiosity of how a place known for their succulent pulled pork and brisket could come up with a burger for the delicious Montreal festival that is Le Burger Week.

Blackstrap advertised that the 'Ray Kroc' was their take on The Big Mac. The burger, or should I say 'sandwich' , was absolutely f***ing delicious. The Ray Kroc is packed with a generous portion of their mouth watering brisket squished between a soft bun and, of course, topped with the works and their very own special sauce. Mmmmm, special sauce.

Although they didn't actually create an actual burger, their vision was delicious nonetheless. Blackstrap never disappoints with it's lively atmosphere, friendly staff, and epic food.

Think Blackstrap BBQ deserved to win Le Burger Week? Don't feel the same way about the Ray Kroc? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to vote for your favourite burger at the Burger Week Official Website.

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