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Blood Sucking Bed Bugs Are Invading Montreal

Be careful, your bed may be next.
Blood Sucking Bed Bugs Are Invading Montreal

If you've been waking up with bug bites all over your body you're not alone.

There is a bed bug epidemic in Montreal right now and moving day only made things worse.  Moving trucks are notorious for spreading bedbugs from one household to another, mostly because of the blankets they use to cover up furniture.

If the person who rented the tuck before you had bedbugs then you're pretty much screwed.

So in the next few weeks, a lot more people will start discovering their own infestations, which means you should probably be keeping an eye out for the little blood suckers.

Some Apartments on Saint-Henri street have literally been overtaken by bedbugs, forcing people to throw out their couches and mattresses.

One woman said she turned on the light in her room and could see her bed was completely infested. She claims the problem got so bad, you could actually see them crawling up the wall.  The woman had so many bites and bumps that it hurt to bathe because the hot water made the bites sting even worse.

In the last 5 years, there have been over 22,000 reports of bedbug infestations. If something isn't done soon, many building may have to be abandoned all together.

The biggest problem is that even when people report infestations in buildings, only the apartment itself gets fumigated, when it's the entire building that needs to be treated.

If you want to know tips on how to prevent or deal with a bed bug infestation, the city of Montreal created an entire website to help you.

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