Bone Chilling Video Showing Ghost Caught On Camera In A School

What the hell is going on?!
Bone Chilling Video Showing Ghost Caught On Camera In A School

When I was a kid, certain things about school terrified me. Homework mostly, but also the principal's death stare, and of course the mysterious horrors that came out of the school cafeteria. 

But for these students, there's something even more terrifying wandering around the hallways. A freakin' ghost!

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The oldest school in Cork Ireland has recently posted a video on their Facebook page asking the public if they have the number to call "Ghostbusters" because it seems their hallway is haunted by a ghost who hates lockers. 

(Larger version of the video at the bottom of the page)

Footage from the school's closed circuit TV shows shows locker doors slamming shut, unites being rocked back and forth and even books flying through the air.

How do you explain this? 

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