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Boston Bruins Brad Marchand Spotted Wasted At Montreal's Beachclub

Someone can't handle his liquor.
Boston Bruins Brad Marchand Spotted Wasted At Montreal's Beachclub

Being a professional hockey player affords you certain privileges in life. You get to travel around on private jets, you get to enjoy celebrity status (especially if you're playing in Montreal), and of course you get to drink too much and start dancing on top of tables like a teenage girl when "her song" starts playing at the club.

That's pretty much what happened to Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins over the weekend, and although he was drunk like a teenage girl, his moves were rather geriatric and stiff. He looks like an old man trying to dance at a wedding but who wants to make sure he's not going to hurt his back. Marchand makes his way down the runway to milk the praise and admiration of the public, until the bouncer notices he's wasted and kindly grabs onto his leg to stop him from falling off the bar.

According to Spotted: Beachclub, Marchand was also throwing bottles and running into people on the dance floor. 

Check out the video for yourself:



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