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Boulevard Saint-Laurent's All-New Food Spot Where Everything On The Menu Is $5

Alright, can we get completely honest with each other? We all love to eat out, whether it's fast food or a trendy restaurant with your friends, we probably eat out more than we'd like to admit. 

I, too, love going out to eat - I do it all the time but my bank account is always hurting after a week of indulging in delicious food. I mean, the money tree is really empty you guys.

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Luckily, there are a couple of spots in Montreal that offer some delicious food for a great price. You just have to know where to look. And if you live in the Plateau then look no further because there's a cool, little spot that offers food and drinks for a very appealing price. 

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James Bar (3910 St Laurent Blvd) is a new gem on St. Laurent with a pretty unique atmosphere. This trendy and fun bar is named after James McGill, and as soon as you step in, you'll notice some pretty familiar faces. The bar's entire theme is based from all your favourite James', like James Dean and James Franco. I mean, what's better than sitting at your favorite bar enjoying some delicious wings while staring deep into James Franco's eyes? Nothing.

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Oh and did I mention their delicious food? Crispy chicken wings, edamame (who doesn't love edamame?), nachos, crispy pickles, Dean poutine (named after James Dean of course), burgers, and mac n' cheese sticks to name some of their grub. Best part is, all of their food is $5

Yup, you read that right. St. Laurent Boulevard now has a spot where you can get some tasty food that won't hurt your bank account. Well, unless you're there Which, you might be, once you realize how cool this place really is!

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Now, it wouldn't be a 'James' theme bar without lots and lots of Jameson! In addition to a delicious $5 food menu, on Thursdays, James Bar also has $1 Jameson shots and $5 Caesars all night long. Yes, you head it right. Did Thursday just become your new favourite day? 

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Now, if Caesars and Jameson aren't your thing (I get it, you might be more of a beer person), then no worries. James Bar also has Threesome Tuesdays which means $3 drinks, $3 beers, and $3 shots so now you have two new favourite days of the week. Plus, they've got mind blowing cocktails like the King James which features Crown Royal Apple, soda, basil, and strawberries, or the Village James which is the perfect summer beverage if you like beer and Peach Schnapps. 

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Honestly, this vibrant spot on St.Laurent is definitely worth checking out! From their mouth watering food to their refreshing list of cocktails, and of course their James Franco atmosphere, this is the new summer spot. Bonus: they will be setting up a patio just in time for the warm weather!

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Sounds like the best place ever? Well, you're just gonna have to come check it out for yourself! Visit James Bar on Facebook and follow them on Instagram for more information.