Boustan Is Giving Away FREE Garlic Potatoes When You Help A Montreal Family In Need This Holiday Season

While we're out shopping for the perfect gift and considering the perfect party outfit, it's important to remember that there are a lot of Canadians out there that struggle to make ends meet every month, and that doesn't change during the holidays. If anything, the holidays are harder. So it's always great to hear about a company that is doing its part to give back to the less fortunate during this cold and festive time of year.

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TL;DR Bring at least one non-perishable food item to any Boustan location between now and December 21 and enjoy free garlic potatoes, on the house!

That's why we were stoked to find out that Boustan locations across the Montreal metro area are running a food drive throughout the holiday season. When you bring in a donation of canned food to any Boustan location between now and December 21, you will recieve free garlic potatoes in exchange! 

For every donation of a non-perishable food item Boustan wants to say thank you with a little garlicky gift of their own!

While some may argue these garlic potatoes aren't "free," I would argue that the trade is beyond fair. For a can of corn, for example, you will be thanked with a warm little plate of garlic potatoes... and it should warm your heart that you've provided something that may be a part of someone's Christmas meal!

Make sure to head to your nearest Boustan before the 21st, because the franchise is hoping to get the goods to those in need before Christmas Eve. Also... don't hesitate to go back with more non-perishables, or to bring more than one piece when you arrive.

Boustan has over 20 locations throughout Montreal, the north, and south shores, so there's bound to be one in your hood. To find the Boustan closest to you, check out their site here! I know my local Cote-des-Neiges resto is going to get a hefty donation this evening, and I can't wait to try their garlic potatoes!