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Brace Yourself: Montreal Nutella Day 2016 Is About To Take Over The City

Nutell-oh yah!
Brace Yourself: Montreal Nutella Day 2016 Is About To Take Over The City

Few food items unite humans from around the world quite like Nutella. Even poutine pales in comparison to the worldwide love the choco-hazelnut spread receives. People simply go nuts for Nutella, and Montreal is no exception.

Seriously, Nutella is almost a content-hack here at MTL Blog; if you have a Nutella-related post, it will do well. Montrealers constantly clamour for Nutella, and the loving addiction will be most apparent today during (what we're calling) "Montreal Nutella Day 2016."

Truthfully, we're really talking about World Nutella Day 2016, but since Montreal will be celebrating the food day in full force, we feel entirely justified in calling a city-specific event in and of itself.

Originally created by Italian-American blogger Sara Rosso in 2007, Nutella Day has become a legit celebration held around the world. Officially endorsed by Nutella, the food celebration is a day in which we can all indulge in some Nutella and a means to introduce more people to the joys of Nutella.

The fact that some people have yet to experience the flavour magic that is Nutella is actually mildly depressing, so if you know anyone who has yet to be indoctrinated into the cult of Nutella, Montreal Nutella day is the perfect time do so.

Montreal Nutella Day will be held today, February 5th, 2016. No doubt certain Montreal establishments will be celebrating with unique Nutella creations, and Nutella also invites you to share your own Nutella love stories with them online.

And to help you get prepared to celebrate the most delicious day of the year, here are a selection of some of the tastiest Nutella creations we've ever come across on the interwebs. Rest assured every one of these made us experience a serious Nutella-gasm:

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