Brad Pitt Is Allegedly Coming To Montreal

Could be biggest Hollywood star in the city this year.
Brad Pitt Is Allegedly Coming To Montreal

Montreal has celebrity fever right now.

It isn't surprising, after all two of Hollywood's biggest movie stars are in town right now filming two separate movies.

Earlier this week, Bruce Willis was spotted filming the movie Death Wish in the Old Port.

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But the big story now is all about Ben Stiller's movie.

This was one of the first times Stiller was spotted since he spoke about his battle with prostate cancer.

But this story isn't about Ben Stiller. It's about some rumors regarding his movie.

The movie is called Brad's Status and it is being produced by a company called Plan B which was started by none other than Brad Pitt.

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Some people were confused because of the name of the movie and they actually thought Brad was in the movie itself.

He is not.

But that doesn't mean he won't be making an appearance in Montreal.

He is producing the movie after all, and it's really not unusual for a producer to attend the filming of a movie he is producing.

This has led many people to speculate that Brad Pitt could possibly be coming to Montreal.

In fact we received a couple emails of people claiming they spotted him already, of course they may just be starstruck and delusional.

So until we see some actual photos of Brad in Montreal, we cannot confirm weather or not he is here or if he's coming.

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