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Brad Pitt Will Be Playing A Quebecois In His New Movie

The Hollywood star may be heading to Quebec very soon.

I could not believe it when I saw this but apparently Brad Pitt is going to be playing the role of a man from Quebec in an unnamed spy movie. According to Huffington Post, the movie takes place during World War II and Brad Pitt and his wife, played by Marion Cotillard, are spies on a mission to assassinate a German ambassador.

We're not sure if Brad will just be playing a man from Quebec or if he'll be a pure-laine French Canadian but we're sure that either scenario would be entertaining.

The movie is written by Steven Knight and they are expected to be filming in Casablanca, Morocco and ... get this - Canada. So we're pretty sure that if he's playing a guy from Quebec it's safe to say that they might be filming here in Quebec. Or maybe I'm just being optimistic, either way we'll keep you posted.

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