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Bradley Cooper And Lady Gaga Are Both Single And Fans On Twitter Are Losing It

People is now reporting that Bradley Cooper and longtime girlfriend Irina Shayk are breaking up. The pair, which have a daughter together, split after four years of dating.

According to People, the couple "have officially decided to end their relationship and are amicably working out how to share custody of their daughter."

Of course, many are speculating that Lady Gaga may have something to do with the split. The two shared an incredible amount of chemistry in the movie "A Star is Born," and performed a steamy rendition of "Shallows" at the Oscars.

While it is unfair to blame another woman for the demise of a relationship that we literally know NOTHING about, the memes that fans are making about a potential Gaga-Cooper romance are too good not to share.

However, many are speculating that the pair's chemistry had something to do with the split. Though it is likely that the two are just excellent actors, we all like to guess at what caused the demise of a relationship:

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Many are speculating about Gaga's reaction to the split, imagining that she will be running up to Cooper's doorstep at any moment:

I should point out that the meme above made me spit out my coffee. But it's not the only hilarious reaction Tweet out there:

Fans hope that the "A Star Is Born" costars will soon get together:

I'm fascinated by the fact that everyone seems to think that Gaga is the one that will chase after Bradley Cooper. She's a busy, in-demand woman. If anything, he'll probably have to do the chasing.

Fans are totally ready to ship this new relationship in the eventuality that it does happen. Boy do people move on fast. Fans have been waiting for this to happen since the couple's Oscar performance.

Others are calling out fans for being too quick to jump to conclusions and assume that the pair will get together after what is likely a painful split for Cooper and Shayk.

Whatever your feelings about this are, we are unlikely to learn the true cause of Cooper and Shayk's breakup

Read the People article here.

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