Brand New Netflix Original Series "Russian Doll" Is Already Being Called "The Best Show Of 2019"

This twisted "black comedy" is dropping February 1st!
Brand New Netflix Original Series "Russian Doll" Is Already Being Called "The Best Show Of 2019"

It's been a busy start of year for Netflix. Tons of mind-blowing content out there. If you're caught up on all the Netflix homework we assigned, such as the Fyre Festdocumentary, Sex Education, and Coversations With A Killer, then you have to add this brand new Netflix Original show Russian Doll to your weekend to-do list, too.

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TL;DR Russian Doll, a "black comedy" and Netflix Original co-created by Amy Poehler, is creating a huge buzz online. This 8-episode series is officially airing on February 1st! 

Russian Doll is already creating a huge buzz around the internet; a few big names in entertainment and comedy are associated with the show.

First off, it's co-created by comedy mastermind Amy Poehler and stars familiar face, Orange is the New Black’s Natasha Lyonne.

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The show is branded as a "black comedy," which is readily apparant from the slogan of the show "dying is easy, it's living that's hard." Several digital publications are already calling this 8-episode series it a hit. Some even going so far as to say it's the best show of 2019.

The premise of the series follows a Groundhog Day like structure as the main character, game developer Nadia, dies over and over and over again on her 36th birthday.

Checking out the trailer, I can see how Twitter is already ranting and raving about the show's release. It totally looks like a binge-worthy show.

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Why Netflix’s Russian Doll is already being hailed as the greatest show of 2019^tfw">

January 29, 2019

Let this be your Netflix homework for the weekend, and don't forget to check out the trailer below!


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