Brazil Has Just Made It Easier Than Ever For Canadians To Visit

The Government of Canada is warning travellers to exercise a "high degree of caution."

Typically, Canadian travellers need a few essentials on them at all times. Proof of ID, your passport, maybe some extra cash and of course a visa. It's common practice that for most places of travel, any visitor needs a travel visa to gain entry.

Well, that just changed for Canadians travelling to this country. Yes, you can skip bringing a visa next time you're on your way to Brazil, as the requirements have just been lifted in an attempt to boost tourism.

Visa requirements when visiting Brazil have also been lifted for travellers coming from the United States, Australia and Japan.

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TL;DR The Brazilian government lifted visa requirements for Canadian travellers on Monday in an attempt to boost tourism. That said, the Government of Canada is still warning travellers to exercise a "high degree of caution" due to high crime and gang-related violence as well as the risk of contracting the Zika virus. More details below.

The Brazilian government first announced the change on Monday. The measure was first adopted back in 2016 temporarily during the Rio Olympics.

This definitely makes travelling to the country easier and can make customs much more stress-free.

Regardless, the Canadian government is still warning citizens to practice extreme caution when travelling in Brazil.

The government has even listed Brazil as a risk for travelling Canadians, stating that any visitors should use a "high degree of caution" due to high crime and gang-related violence.

A travel health notice in regards to the presence of the Zika virus in Brazil is also listed on the Government of Canada website.

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As of now, Brazilian travellers will still need a visa or an electronic travel authorization in order to enter Canada. The same requirements are also still in place for Brazilians travelling to the United States.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on visa changes and exemptions.

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