Breaking: Montreal's Musique Plus Is Shutting Down Forever

We are saying goodbye to a beloved institution.
Breaking: Montreal's Musique Plus Is Shutting Down Forever

After 33 years of music videos, shows and contests, Musique Plus has announced that it is closing its doors. Though this doesn't come as a surprise to many of us, it still feels like a blow to the feels, because of the nostalgia factor that the television chain embodies.

TL;DR We are saying goodbye to Musique Plus, a television station that has been around for the last 33 years. They are shutting down due to poor audience engagement, despite efforts to revive the brand. The television channel will shut down in August 2019.

The station has had poor viewer engagement. Though many remember Musique Plus as a station with shows like Le Combat Des Clips, and an influential station that launched the careers of Quebec stars like Véronique Cloutier and Mike Gauthier, it no longer has that power. And, of course, the live "Occupation Double" streams.

Its most recent market share is of only about 1%, which is very far from its days as a music titan.

Dimitri Gourdin, executive vice-president and head of marketing strategy at Groupe V Media, the group that owns Musique Plus, said in a press release that, though he knows this will be hard for many viewers, most people who are attached to the channel are only attached out of a nostalgia factor.

Musique Plus was bought up by Group V Media in 2013. The media group had hoped to revive Musique Plus, but they ultimately had to concede to defeat. The television channel will shut down in August 2019.

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According to Gourdin, no jobs will be lost due to this closure. Three of its shows, OD+ en direct, La Jamaïque au goût de Marley et Buzz, will end, and other shows will migrate to Max, Musique Plus's sister chain.

This may not be the end of Musique Plus altogether. Gourdin says that they are evaluating plans to make the channel live outside of television.


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