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Breaking News: Bell Centre Will Be Renamed "Montreal Forum"

The glory days of the Habs.
Breaking News: Bell Centre Will Be Renamed "Montreal Forum"

In an effort to boost the love we have for our city, one of our most popular landmarks is about to undergo a big change. 

The Canadiens have just announced that they will be changing the name of the Bell Center to "Montreal Forum" which coincides perfectly with the city's 375th anniversary!

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This is no doubt being done to create some nostalgia, a sort of call-back to the glory days of the Habs. 

Perhaps they are also trying to get rid of the "Curse of the Forum". As you know, the Montreal Canadiens haven't won a Stanley Cup since making the Bell Centre (previously "Molson Centre") their new home back in 1996.

And since the Habs just made the playoffs, this could be the little extra boost they need to finally win another one. Maybe if we get rid of the "Bell Center", we will also be rid of our Stanley Cup drought.

The Montreal Canadiens actually want to know what you think about the new name.

If you would like to show your support for this decision, click here!

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