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Breaking News! Giant Fire Erupts In Montreal

This city is falling apart...
Breaking News! Giant Fire Erupts In Montreal

Another fire has just broken out in Montreal today at the intersection of Parc and Sherbrooke.

This is the second major fire in the last week. Last Thursday a historical theater burned down in Chinatown, and now it's a building located on 3462 avenue du Parc.

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This just happened so all we have for now are photos and videos on what's going on, but we will update the article as a soon as more info becomes available. Hopefully no one was hurt.

UPDATE: For more info and pics click here!

Its only black smoke now. Fire is eating the building on Parc avenue. Flames are huge.

— Momo El Salahi (@momosalahi) November 23, 2016

@TrafficMontreal avoid Parc and Milton. What's with all the recent fires in #mtl#montreal?

— Nicholas Nadeau (@EngNadeau) November 23, 2016

Fire on Parc Street

— Chris Papps (@pappscicle) November 23, 2016

Gros incendie vers avenue du Parc

— Stéphanie Dorémus (@stefdoremus) November 23, 2016

Its only black smoke now. And i see the flames. @CBCMontreal@JdeMontreal.

— Momo El Salahi (@momosalahi) November 23, 2016

R.S. Muir building in #Montreal is on #fire. Steer clear of Parc Avenue if you can.

— Rob Boddice (@virbeatum) November 23, 2016

Feu au coin de l'avenue Du Parc et Sherbrooke. #montreal Beaucoup de fumée épaisse

— Stéphanie Alcaraz (@Steph_Alcaraz) November 23, 2016

@LP_LaPresse@ZONE911 Incendie à Montréal sur avenue du parc...

— Geoffroi Labelle (@Gefflab) November 23, 2016

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