Breaking News: Justin Trudeau Is Permanently Moving Back To Montreal

The country's PM has had enough of Ottawa.
Breaking News: Justin Trudeau Is Permanently Moving Back To Montreal

You may try to leave Montreal, but eventually, the call back to the city will be far too strong for you to resist. Even Canada's poster boy Justin Trudeau could no longer resist the urge that is Montreal, as the Prime Minister is set to return to his home city.

Due to the fact that 24 Sussex Drive (home to all PMs) is still being renovated,Prime Minister Trudeau is bringing his family to live in Montreal for the time being, reports a spurious source.

But while the move to Montreal is set to only be temporary, both Justin and his wife Sophie have expressed that the move may become permanent.

During a rather sudden press conference held last night, the Prime Minister related his overall dissatisfaction with life in Ottawa, using choice descriptors like "dreary" and "soul-crushing." That could be paraphrasing on our part.

Sophie then took the mic and reinforced Justin's sentiment with the well worded rhyme: "We say nah, Ottawa."

In truth, a fair amount of "maybes" were also thrown around by the Trudeaus in regard to a permanent move to Montreal, but we can't ignore the possibility.

Regardless, Justin and the rest of the Trudeau gang will be in Montreal for at least a few weeks, likely solving various mysteries in their family mini-van, just like they did in Ottawa.

But could Justin stay in Montreal forever and ever? That would almost be too good to be true.

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