Breaking News: Quebec Man Dies As He Tries To Drive Across Flooded Road

Tragedy has struck the Gaspé Peninsula region.

On Sunday night, a man named Mike Gagnon was driving with his wife and a 2 year old girl on a road that was closed because of the flooding.

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Gagnon attepted to cross through a flooded part of the road even though he was advised not to. At one point the car started to float because the water level was too high, it was swept away by the current and pulled into the river.

The three people climbed onto the roof of the car to escape the water, but the car eventually flipped over and they were carried away by the current. 

The wife managed to swim to safety, but sadly Gagnon's body was pulled from the water on Monday afternoon. 

Rescuers are are still searching for the missing 2-year-old.