Breast Feeding Woman Kicked Off Plane And Threatened For Refusing To Stop

A woman was kicked off a plane, after she didn't immediately stop breast-feeding her two-year old.

Mei Rui, a concert pianist and cancer researcher, says that she asked the airplane staff to give her a few minutes to let her son fall asleep in her arms. This request was made, while the plane was still at the gate and passengers were moving around, she says.

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A spokesman for the airline, US-based Spirit Airlines, had a different version of events to offer.

He claimed that Rui had repeatedly failed to follow instructions to buckle her son in his seat after the doors had closed.

The spokesman claimed that Rui told crew members that they would have to drag her off the plane while she recorded them.

Weather delays had led to repeated evacuations of passengers from the plane.

After the incident, another such evacuation took place.

However, this time, police and airline staff prevented Rui and her family, which at the time included her elderly parents, from reboarding.

Rui refers to the airline version of events as "a blatant lie".

This episode is only the latest in a series of passenger-staff confrontations that have plagued North American airlines in the recent past.