Breathtaking Photos From Montreal's Attempted Record-Breaking 1,000-Foot Slackline Walk

This past weekend, Montrealers were blessed with some incredible sunny fall weather while they strolled along the Old Port, but it was really the attempt at a record-breaking stunt performed by world-renowned daredevil Ryan Robinson that caught everyone's attention.

The fearless professional highliner attempted an 1,000-foot walk on a 1-inch wide webbing some 80 feet in the air above the Bassin Bonsecours on Montreal's zipline. Robinson's dizzying attempt would have earned him much bragging rights as he tried to beat the previous registered Canadian slackline record by 2.3 times!

Having walked across some of the most stunning location in the world, Robinson was brought to Montreal to promote HemovelTM, an innovative oral treatment for hemorrhoids. Ya, seems pretty random, but the Montreal-based company launched this risky stunt to get people talking about an enduring taboo and a condition that affects millions of Canadians, and well, it worked!

Check out the photos from Sunday's incredible slackline walk below.

Check out the HemovelTM official website for more information.