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Bro Perfectly Describes Drunk Girls

And he's hilariously accurate.
Bro Perfectly Describes Drunk Girls

Women and men are very different when they drink and we all know it. Although guys get a little rowdy, women are a completely different story - from the criers to the woo girls and everything in between - we know we're a lot to handle when we drink.. but we usually just kind of stick to the following mantra: 'what happened last night will never be spoken of again'.

Well girls, I have news for you - comedian Chris D'Elia has called us out on our drunken antics. His impersonation is so spot on and hilarious.

Probably the most accurate comment in all of this is that nothing matters to a drunk girl. The club can be burning down, but as long as our song is still playing and we have a drink in our hand, we're good.

At least we know how to have a good time, right?

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