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Bruce Peninsula Is Quite Possibly The Most Beautiful Place In Ontario (Photos)

A real Canadian paradise.
Bruce Peninsula Is Quite Possibly The Most Beautiful Place In Ontario (Photos)

Fun fact: The Great Lakes waterbody is so large that its natural features can be seen from the Moon!

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Carved by ancient glaciers, the great lakes make up 20% of the worlds fresh water.  That huge! 

Located 3-hours North of Toronto, lies a monster of a lake, Lake Huron - and it's neighboring Georgian Bay.  the shores of Lake Huron are primarily known for their stunning rocky cliffs comprised of sandstone and shale.

Bruce Peninsula - a quiet camping and nature-lovers paradise - is conveniently sandwiched between the beautiful Georgian Bay and Lake Huron. Famous for it's waters that are characterized by stunning and unique tropical turquoise-green hue.

Whether you want to take it easy or explore, there are countless things to do and see in this rugged and beautiful natural terrain.

Spend the day exploring beautifully hidden caves

Enjoy the sights of the emerald water

Enjoy watersport activities on a hot day

Enjoy it's camping and nature paths

Take some amazing photos of this natural wonder

Relax, kick-back, and go swimming

Bruce Peninsula is also beautiful in the winter!

Just breathe in and enjoy this unique natural marvel

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For more info on Bruce Peninsula click here.

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