Bruce Willis Is Officially Moving To Montreal

Your chance to spot a Hollywood legend.
Bruce Willis Is Officially Moving To Montreal

It's one thing when celebrities come to Montreal for a one-night-only concert, to attend F1 or to film a quick scene or two for a movie.

But recently stars have been coming to Montreal, and staying longer than usual.

At least for a few months at a time.

Jennifer Lawrence was doing wardrobe tests and some filming for the untitled Darren Aronovsky film, and she decided to rent out a condo downtown for 3 months. And considering she was here 2 summers ago filming X-Men, and the year before that filming yet another X-Men movie, my only question is, when is she going to move here for good?

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Kit Harrington was in town all summer long as well, and now it seems we will be blessed with the presence of a Hollywood Legend.

Bruce Willis is headed to Montreal next month and will be here for most of the fall season in fact. That's right, Jon McClean himself will blessing us with his Royal Willisness to film a remake of the 1970's movie Death Wish.

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The rest of the cast has not been announced yet, but the director is none other than Eli Roth, The Bear Jew from Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds.

Of course,this isn't the first time Mr. Willis has filmed a movie in Montreal, adding to his impressive collection including: 12 Monkees, The Jackal, The Whole Nine Yards, Lucky Number Slevin and Red 2.


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