Is Carey Price The Habs' Weak Spot?

Smack talk and mind games from the Bruins.
Is Carey Price The Habs' Weak Spot?

With the series headed home for Montreal after splitting the games at TD Garden, the Bruins defensemen let some rather meek shade fly at Canadiens goalie Carey Price.

Bruins players Dougie Hamilton and Torey Krug claimed they can beat Price byshooting high, especially when he's screened. These insults bounced off Price, as he pointed to the obvious truth that this "scouting report" is the same for every goalie in the world, Tuukka Rask included.

Price suggested that the two goals that beat him high (one sticked in by Francis Boullion and Bergeron's tying goal that skipped in) were pretty miraculous. Price pointed out that during the playoffs "...probably 30 per cent of  [goals] are tips and 50 per cent of them are screens and the other 10 (per cent) are just clean shots".

In a very professional and un-bloodlust-y move (the kind some fans love), Price also complimented the Bruins on doing good job of getting to the net and knowing what it takes to score in the playoffs. Hopefully the S-talking ramps up on Price's end as the series goes on, at least after the Habs win tonight.

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Source- CBC Sports

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