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Brutally Honest Descriptions Of 10 Montreal Metro Stations

What you're actually thinking when taking the metro.
Brutally Honest Descriptions Of 10 Montreal Metro Stations

There's the metro station's name, then there's your name for the metro.

You know, that single thought that pops into your head every time you go through the station's doors which is far more descriptive than the station's "real" name.

Well, we decided to get a bit more honest with the STM metro network, and replace the standard names of stations with how we see and feel about them.

You'll no doubt know where we're coming from with most of these honest descriptions of Montreal's metro stations, even if you don't use the exact same phrasing when you're complaining about the intense heat in Guy-Concordia station.

See what we mean in the photo compilation below.

1. Guy Concordia

2. Sauvé

3. Saint-Henri

Photo cred -

4. Place Des Arts

5. Peel

6. Jean Talon

7. Frontenac

8. Beaudry

Photo cred - somethingfortheeyes

9. Bonaventure

10. Cote Vertu

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