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Brutally Honest Descriptions Of 12 Montreal Metro Stations (Vol. 2)

What you're actually thinking when taking the metro.
Brutally Honest Descriptions Of 12 Montreal Metro Stations (Vol. 2)

A metro station can go by many names. Sure, there's the official STM-designated name, but then there's the nicknames Montrealers give to the metro stations they go to every single day.

We created and compiled a few of those in our previous list of brutally honest descriptions of Montreal metro stations, but after seeing how readers responded, we realized we had barely scratched the surface.

So, in an ode to the unspoken grievances you have with the many metro stations within the STM network, here is another installment of our brutally honest metro station descriptions. Read on, and be sure to include any way might have missed, too!


Champs de Mars

Photo cred - flickr

Parc Jean-Drapeau

Square Victoria


Thanks to a commenter on the first volume for this suggestion!

Photo cred - flickr

Lionel Groulx

Lucien L'Allier



Pie IX

Photo cred - flickr

Place D'Armes


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