Brutally Honest Descriptions Of 20 Montreal Neighbourhoods

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Brutally Honest Descriptions Of 20 Montreal Neighbourhoods
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As much as we all love Montreal, there are certain parts of the city that aren't quite stellar. Despite your adoration for the metropolis itself, you can't help but feel the need to call out Montreal on some of its failings.

No stress, it's only human, and most of the time it's kind of fun. Especially when you're being brutally honest about an area of the city you don't happen to live in.

Since we have far too much time on our hands, and because it's better to get all those negative emotions out of the way in order to focus on the positive, we've compiled a list of brutally honest descriptions for 20 different Montreal neighbourhood.

Equal parts comical and all too real, you can read them below.

Little Italy: Overpriced pasta and espresso. Not that many actual Italians.

Mile End: Once Hipsterville, Now YuppieTown

Mile-Ex: Does Anyone Really Know Where This, Exactly?

Downtown: Only Come Here For Work, School, And Festivals

The Plateau: Road Work, Always.

Saint Henri: This Is What Gentrification Looks Like

Verdun: Pros: Cheap Rent, Cons: Everything Else

Saint Leonard: The Real (Not So) Little Italy.

Griffintown: Condos Filled With Douchey Business-Types

Hochelaga: Boring And Kinda Sketch. Oh, And There's The Biodome.

Straight Outta' Montreal-Nord

Côte-des-Neiges: The Only Multicultural Part Of The City

Outremont: According To Our Jewish Writer Jeremy, Apparently Just Rich Jewish Families

West Island: Anglophone Suburbia

Old Montreal: Annoying Cobblestone Streets And The Smell Of Horse Poop

Chinatown: Not Even The Best Place To Get Chinese Food

The Village: If It's Not Summer, There's No Reason To Come Here

NDG: Without Monkland Village, It'd Be As Bad As Verdun

The McGill Ghetto: Overprivileged Students From Ontario

Lachine: Outsiders Only Go There For The Bike Path

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