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Budweiser’s Fresh Unpasteurized Beer Is Now Available In Quebec

The freshest beer in the city.
Budweiser’s Fresh Unpasteurized Beer Is Now Available In Quebec

Beer lovers rejoice... There’s a super “fresh” kid on the block! 

Budweiser has launched a new kind of beer called Budweiser Brewery Fresh this week. It's basically the same Budweiser you know and love, except with a little twist. That twist? Tank beer - the ultimate draught beer experience delivered cold, unpasteurized and free from any artificial ingredients, additives or preservatives for the purest taste. 

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That’s right, Budweiser’s latest innovation is their freshest beer yet. Usually, the freshest beer is found directly at the Budweiser brewery here in Montreal, and can only be tasted by the brewmaster. But with tank beer, lovers of this mighty fine beverage can join in on the freshness beyond the brewery walls.

And if you’ve never heard of tank beer, well,
let’s just say you’re not the only one. The concept is relatively new in Canada, with only a few in the 
market. Budweiser will actually be one of the first macro breweries to bring tank beer to beer lovers here in Montreal!

Via Budweiser Canada

Seriously, beer lovers, Budweiser Brewery Fresh is not something you're going to want to miss. A clean, crisp and distinctive flavour thanks to its beechwood aging process - and just as fresh as it was when it left the brewery. Um, awesome much?

In fact, Budweiser Brewery Fresh is SO beyond fresh that it needs to be consumed within two weeks. Which means that no matter what, you'll get to taste your favourite beer literally within 14 days of its creation

Via Budweiser Canada

Brewed and delivered straight from the local Montreal brewery, you can find Budweiser Brewery Fresh at La Cage across 10 locations in Quebec. It started with its flagship restaurant at Complexe Desjardins in downtown Montreal, and has now made its way to select Cage locations throughout the province - including in Beauport, Quebec!

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For more information on Budweiser Brewery Fresh, check out the Budweiser website, Facebook and Instagram page!