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Burger From Montreal Restaurant Ranked #1 Best In Canada

This Montreal restaurant defeated every burger joint across the country.
Burger From Montreal Restaurant Ranked #1 Best In Canada

It's no secret to Montrealers that the city has the best food in the entire country, whatever some critics and statistics may say. Nonetheless, it's still a proud moment to see our city rank #1 on Canada-wide lists of the best food out there. Not only does it bring more exposure to some of the amazing foodie spots across our city, but it just reminds everyone else that Montreal cannot be topped when it comes to delicious food.

So, on this episode of "Montreal is the ultimate foodie city" the best burgers in Canada were ranked by Big 7 Travel. Not much to our surprise, a Montreal restaurant ranked #1 out of 50 different burger joints across the country. What burger is in fact the best out there? Well, that award has been granted to Uniburger.

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TL;DR Montreal's very own Uniburger just ranked in at #1 for best burger in all of Canada. The decison was made by fellow Canadians as well as a panel of food experts. Read below for more details.

So, how were the restaurants ranked? Well, Big 7 Travel says finalists were selected across Canada and then ranked from #50 to #1 by 1.5 million social media followers as well as a panel of food experts. Online reviews, previous media coverage and blog posts on the restaurants were also taken into consideration. 

Although Big 7 Travel says their list is subjective, we think they did a pretty good job at identifying the truly best burger joint in all of Canada. Uniburger isn't known for any gourmet recipes or unique styles with their food, which may be the reason why they're considered amazing by so many.

It's a classic burger spot with a menu you can rely on. It's said that the restaurant's secret is in their patty and special buns. Canadian beef, which is ground fresh daily by a local butcher, is accompanied by the unique potato buns imported from the U.S., which Uniburger's owner says is available nowhere else in Canada.

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Luckily, even if you don't happen to be a meat-eater yourself, you can still enjoy a delicious Uniburger by substituting a Beyond Meat patty. So, if you happen to be in Montreal this weekend, there's no better time to grab yourself the best burger in all of Canada.

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