Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups Are The Only Thing You Should Eat This Easter

The greatest thing you will ever put in and around your mouth.
Cadbury Cream Cookie Cups Are The Only Thing You Should Eat This Easter

Photo cred - KatrinasKitchen

Go home Cadbury Eggs, you're drunk! But that's not necessarily a bad thing, and to be clear when I said: "Go home" I meant with me. Because personalty the minute I found out these existed I immediately booked a romantic week-long getaway so I could lock myself up in a hotel room with a crate full of these little beauties. Do not disturb.

My only problem is that the original recipe by Katrina's Kitchen calls for using food coloring to make 2 cream batches (one white and one yellow) then combining them to create a homemade cream "egg". But we figure that if you aren't using actual cream eggs, then there's really no point in making these.  so we created our own recipe.

Here's what you'll need to make your very own Cadbury Cream Egg Cookie Cup:

  • Cadbury cream eggs (1 per cookie)
  • And cookie dough (prepared or homemade without chocolate chips)
  • Plastic shot glasses

First grab your cream eggs and using a knife, remove the top of the egg. Scoop the filling out into a shot glass (carefull not to ruin the yolk shape). Crumble the empty chocolate egg into a bowl (Repeat for every egg). Take your cookie dough and mix in the chocolate egg pieces. Grab a greased muffin pan and fill each groove with about 3 tbsps of cookie dough. Using a small glass, shape the dough into bowls and bake for 13-15 minutes for 350ºC. Once they've cooled down pour your cream egg filling into you newly made cookie bowls and you're done.

Click here for the original recipe.

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