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Can You Help This Montreal Woman Find Her Birth Parents In The City?

She needs your help
Can You Help This Montreal Woman Find Her Birth Parents In The City?

Practically every child takes their parents for granted. And not only because they have done so much for you, like giving birth to you, but also just by being present in your life your 'rents are a link to your heritage and past. Some people aren't so lucky, and their personal history is forever shrouded in mystery.

A Montreal woman calling herself Agatha, adopted as a young child, has led such a life. Never knowing her birth parents, Agatha's past, at least in terms of her medical history and lineage, have always been an uncertainty. That's where you come in.

Taking to social media, Agatha has created her own campaign on Facebook in order to find her birth parents. The page, simply titled "Searching for my birth family" recounts Agatha's goal and her desire for Montrealers to aid her in the endeavour of locating her parents.

Here's Agatha's post, which will give you all of the info you need to help:

"Alright, Facebook, I need your help!!!! I was adopted as an infant and I've been waiting too long for the Quebec government to track down my birth family. Although I'm quite happy with how my life has turned out, it's difficult having your medical history and origins be a complete mystery. So I'm taking it to social media. I know it's a long shot but if you see this and think you may know anything that could help me in my search, please email the address in the picture. Also, especially for my French-Canadian friends and family, if you could share this on your wall, I would forever be grateful."

Despite over 800 shares, Agatha's search continues. If you have any relevant information, head to the social campaign's Facebook page here.

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